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KWPN Stallion Show: Final day of dressage and harness stallions

KWPN Stallion Show

KWPN Stallion Show: Final day of dressage and harness stallions

KWPN Stallion Show: Final day of dressage and harness stallions

On this fourth and last day, it’s the dressage and harness stallions who’ll make an appearance in the couloir. On this final day, DigiShots is present to capture all the stallions and provide you with the latest results through our website.

You’ll be able to view and order our photographs at our photo booth at the event or online through our Oypo-page.

Thus far, the stallion commitee has selected the following stallions for the stallion presentation later this afternoon:

Group 8

304. Puronn L (Blue Hors Farrell x Rubin Royal). Fokker/geregistreerde: J. Lamers, Oss.

353. Plusfour (For Romance x Apache). Fokker/geregistreerde: B. Roerink, Beilen. Geregistreerde: Trainingsstal Witte-Scholtens VOF, Gorinchem.

Puronn L KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots
Plusfour KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots

Group 9

378. Parero (Glock’s Toto Jr. x Negro). Fokker: T. Bergmans, Oisterwijk. Geregistreerde: A. Hengstrand, Vodskov.

380. Power Dutch (Glock’s Toto Jr. x Double Dutch). Fokker/geregistreerde: Stal Hexagon, Schore.

382. Phantom (Glock’s Toto Jr. x Metall). Fokker/geregistreerde: C. Heemskerk, Rijnsburg.

386. Paycheck Texel (Glock’s Toto Jr. x Ferro). Fokker/geregistreerde: W.T. van der Linde, Texel – De Cocksdorp.

Parero KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots
Power Dutch KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots
Phantom KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots
Paycheck Texel KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots

Group 10

427. Proud James (Jameson RS2 x Johnson). Fokker/geregistreerde: Y.M.M. van Maasacker, Cuijk. Geregistreerde: M. Verweij, Hem.

518. Pride (Secret x Apache). Fokker/geregistreerde: E.T. Ten Bosch, Driel.

Pride KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots
Proud James KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots

Group 11

444. Prince (Kingston Blue Hors x Tango). Fokker: D.J. Roefs, Loosbroek. Geregistreerde: G.R. Plazier, Heerjansdam.

534. Pontiac VDT (Total US x Ferro). Fokker/geregistreerde: A. van de Tillaart, Zijtaart. Geregistreerde(n): P.J.F. Wetzelaer, Herpen & L. Bos, Beuningen.

Prince KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots
Pontiac KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots

Group 12

448. Pjento Naomie (Kjento x Desperado). Fokker: A.J. Beerens, De Moer. Geregistreerde: Van Olst Horses, Den Hout.

449. Perle (Kjento x Tuschinski). Fokker: L. Heida, Oldeholtpade. Geregistreerde: Van Ols Horses, Den Hout.

450. Palermo E (Kjento x Bordeaux) Fokker: H. Ebbers, Ottersum. Geregistreerde: Anchor Excellent Horses, Woerden.

Source: DigiShots News

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